Diplomacy in the Workplace (notes from my friend Tammy at Toastmasters)

Introspection – being honest with ourselves.  How would I respond to a friend (maybe make it more neutral)?

Specific – take it from a big thing to small and be brief.  Es no mas este pequeño problema…

Purpose/Patience/Persistence – don’t ambush them with the idea.  Give them time to think and follow-up.

Empathy – rephrase the info from their point of view.

Assertive – not aggressive or resentful.  Person reaching information needs to be ok.

Knowledge – allow for no misunderstands.  Ask questions if head butting.  What is your goal?

2 Topics – don’t talk about two topics at a time.

Uncle – walk away.

Diplomacy is about relationship building if addressed specific and defined clearly.  Say “yes” to opportunity.




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A believer in excellence, faith, love, and relationships.
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