“La Chalupona”

After getting around to school and work with my Pony for 15 years, I decided to get a new car. The Pony was so worth it and legendary; it took me to every job I had and even to Michoacán, Mexico. It was a nice yet stressful decision as I am seeking to save for a house/condo down payment. It was my Vday with a “bleeding heart” trying not to fall for the car to be able to walk out of any sour deals. In the end, I talked them into a nice deal to have a nice “out the door” deal with the black package, Alpine sound, Sirius XM year subscription with a nice screen, rear detector, and one of my requirements – having a sunroof. The space is great (trunk space, fits three in the back, and the driver seat is roomy to me); I love the air conditioner (I had even forgotten how good the air conditioning feels)! Gas mileage, as a V6 engine, allows for more savings for dates, trips, concerts, and gifts. On the other hand, visibility is a little poor, the car is heavy, and well, the dealership got me on the Lifetime Warranty. Nonetheless, I’m happy with the “chalupona.” I look forward to keeping it forever in good condition and ride hard! 💀


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