Utility Drafting for SC Edison – Interpreting OH and UG as-built Plans

-Underground utilities end with a “0” or a “5”

-Also, if there is an OC/LA County Number, it is underground if the plan number does not end with a letter (either A, B, C, or D).

Example: LA CO. 34-65 is underground

However, LA CO. 35-66D is overhead.

Furthermore, if you a three category as-built plan, and it ends with any number between “1” through “9” then it is underground.

Example: LA CO. 34-65C-6 is underground.

When the middle category (in this case 65C) tells SCE planners whether their research is either in the Lambert or SCE index map.  If it ends with a letter it means that it is an SCE research index.  The Lambert research index is an old plan that uses latitude and longitude.


This was per Kim G -8/20/12


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