It is everything:health, leads to control & happiness.  The more you fight with facts & rational, the more poz attitude muscle you’ll build.  It sets the stage for -> choices -> the better choices you make, the better quality of your life.

Successful peeps know that they have the power to choose their attitude; choose the right attitude to make it happen. The response first and last line should be on a positive attitude note.  Therefore poz dialogue is important.

Know what went wrong & move on.  Focus on solns not on probs/consequences.  Your vision must outline hardships to be rady to confront like a warrior without being paralyzed into thinking.

  • What lies inside, determines outcomes
  • Drop the heavy baggage & bask in the freedom of tossed baggage

Realize that not everything is persffect

  • Be rez 4 your attitude
  • You determine the value of your experiences

Find your purpose (goals) and passion (love)

  • Have a vision or you’ll perish
  • Know what you want b4 you go get it
  • Do goal/or soul search (assess if you can’t find purpose/passion
  • Make blue-print of whatever it is you want
  • Read twice a week to ingrain it in subconscience mind; conscience mind is a follower of it.
  • They are like codes on the sand, water can wash it off.  Therefore be flexible and stone your msg in the heart
  • Handle (be responsible) for your actions; teniendo una vista fija estimula accion. Goal -> Plan -> Action

Be pre-active – plan to take on hits/frustrationis

  • problems are markers that tell you where you are in relation to victory
  • Sometimes there are aftershocks; and if you worry you won’t get far (92% of time you worry about crap is worthless)
  • Conquer fear with faith in God: respond don’t react

Motivate yourself!  Don’t wait 4 others

  • Affirmations are statements that are fueled by faith 4 goals and control of one’s path of life
  • WOW – watch our words
  • Repetition, feeling and imagining
  • Laughter and enthusiasm combat fear and worries

Build your A-team (people w/ attitude of service and sharing).

Enthusiasm – la vida puede sentirse fria cuando no hay gente con alegria

  • Burning desire to commit and be determined
  • Network with people that share values like you
  • When you’re around the, take care of it and guess what? It’ll fueld your energy bar (attde) and it will crank action
  • Eventually, you can learn from your A-team

Accept change as something part of life.

  • Stay flexible, you can be constructive
  • Comfort zones are nice, but you stagger
  • Fear, hurt, and doubt are motivators; and there’s opportunities binded with them
  • Make wise decisions to improve quality of life
  • Be quick to listen, but slow to speak
  • Have a Whatever it Takes Attitude

Make the mark (legacy) by having an attitude of “How can I help God help me make a change in someone.

  • Education is the core of leaving a legacy
  • Have/show gratitude
  • Have an attitude of service
  • 1/3 serving
  • 1/3 learning
  • 1/3 earning
  • Plant the “good” seed



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A believer in excellence, faith, love, and relationships.
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