Google Imagery onto C3D 2012

This is great for plans and field exhibits.

To do this:

1.  Set the drawing Settings

Toospace Button

Settings Tab

Right Click on the Drawing’s name ie. Drawing1 when you start a new session and select “Edit Drawing Settings…”

Under the Units and Zone Tab of the new window, change the datum to NAD83 under the “zone” parameters

Note: V assigns LA County and VI assigns Orange County coordinate system

[Ensure that you have Google Earth Program running with the location of interest showing]

In C3D, go to the Insert tab and click on the Google Earth pulldown; select the Google Earth Image option

Click and drop the JPEG picture and C3D drops the Google image as a raster image.

Pan left and right and ensure to cover the Google Emblem and the north arrow bubble so it won’t appear on your plan

The closer you zoom to the picture, the better the quality of your imagery will be.

Google Earth and C3D sometimes do not translate the picture right and the imagery becomes blurry.  This can throw away your alignment of your drawing if you close out of Google Earth.  A suggestion is to record the image, save, close the program, replay the recorded image and it should bring you to the exact location of interest you were last viewing.



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