Table Topics

I did a good one on the book titled, “The Last Lecture.”  I asserted the following scratch notes:

  • He wanted to grow up to be Captain James Kirk – Star Trek.  He had a a skill set called “Leadership.”  Who was your favorite childhood heroe and why?
  • Pulled over due to speeding.  Mentioned he was diagnosed with cancer.  The truth can set you free.  You were pulled over and asked why speed as you were running late to the market for a candy bar.  Would you tell the truth to the peace officer?
  • It’s a thrill to fulfill childhood dreams but as you get older, enabling others’ is more fun.  Have you ever helped fulfilled a dream to a niece?
  • Give self permission to dream and fuel kids’ dream too.  What’s one dream you would like to fulfill?
  • Earnest is better than hip.  Who would you hire to file papers and why?
  • Advice: tell the truth and if he could add three more words, he’d say all the time! What is your advice?

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