District 52 Spring Conference

The Conference was great:

  • Bag Pipers
  • Fritz (the weather man talked about his success and received the TM award)
  • Sarah had an awesome speech which won 1st place; I spoke with her in the beginning
  • Joe had a brilliant speech by throwing himself up there into a new environment and up on a stage
  • There were no name tags and I did not do anything with my role as traffic operator

A few thoughts that rang into my mind from speakers were:

1.  We spend our lives evaluating ideas without moving forward; don’t do this to yourself!

It’s like we live in a society that says “Yes, but…”  when it should really be “Yes, and…”

Suppose we are planning a party for fourth of July with  four people in a committee.  What happens if you start by saying “Let’s start a party” and the next response from a committee member is “Yes, but it’s too hot.”  Then another member adds “Yes, but let’s have fireworks.”  Followed by a response of, “Yes, but I don’t want to clean up.”

If you do this it will take long to plan or it won’t happen.  To make it happen, check out the following case:

Let’s plan a party.

A: Yes, and let’s have it at someone’s house that has a pool.

B: Yes, and let’s bring tons of fireworks.

C: Yes, and let’s run it by the city for permitting to block the road.

This second chain has more results!

2.  Paint a photograph!  Always leave your body room to tell a story (keep in mind the nursing reunion done with Dick, Karen, and Arthur.

Be spontaneous but this can be done when you master your topic/concept [me solidifying my engineering skills!]

Another thought was, “What is your message?”  Just as Maurice would point it out!  Focus on your audience because in an audience, the most important person in the club or audience is you.  Maurice introduced a few people and then he finally mentioned, “And I’d like to introduce the most important person in this club, and that is you.  That’s because we wouldn’t be here without you!”

Lead from face to face and not from the back!  Be objective and not subjective when delegating!  Use your imagination.  Think back when you were a kid and had a new toy in which you liked the box rather than the actual toy.  Mainly, as a kid, the box was better because you would be able to think of all the things that one can do!

3.  Fritz pointed out to live life and be confident.  Don’t be stuck at work like a rat in a wheel.  Live it up and put humor into it.


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