Isn’t it Awesome When…

…you drive home and all the lights were green?
…you work out hard and you are pumped?

…you smile at a stranger or he/she smiles back?

…you send her roses and she says, “It made my day.”

…you surprise her with roses by giving them to her mom.

…you meet an old friend’s family and they treat you real well with food and drinks.

…people are there to support you when you are feeling down?

….you got admitted to a college.

…you were asked to give a speech on the fly and you do it?

…you were granted access to use a Super Sport 24 Hr. gym for one free session!

…you withdraw from a talent, show it off, and you silently wow an audience (reciting a poem at LA3).

…you finished five rounds of 50 wallballs (10 lbs) followed by a 400 m run (CrossFit workout on 12-2-13!).

…your boss says that you made his work easier to finish a project.

…argue fair and connect into a plan for both!

…when a friend is the only person that sees your hard work.

…overcoming a fear (like shooting a magazine of SCAR-H at a Vegas gun range).

…a coach says that you are a happy person with a smile amongst a group of other coaches.

…it rains and you drink hot chocolate.

…you watch an old cartoon and it brings back vivid memories.


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A believer in excellence, faith, love, and relationships.
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