Dollar Sign 

This locks the cell when making reference to it.  Say you have to reference cell A3 as part of another cell like B2 (usually in a formula), then you would enter on B2 “=$A$3”  A is the column being locked and 3 cris crosses the cell in a row.

It can be quite tedious to place the cursor (especially when one is dealing with a long formula) on the cell requiring a “dollar sign” and to refrain from doing such small task, one can use the F4  key.  Try it!  It saves time when you are doing cost estimate sheets.

If/And/Or Statements

Using formulas saves time, but putting logic can add magic to your spreadsheet by manipulating it with these puppies.

Using IF

Enter the formula as “=if(logic/operator, blank, “operator”)

Let’s say that there is a grade of 1.5% on cell A1 and a grade of 3.5% on B2 in which one needs to meet in between at cell C3.

To Do This:

Enter “=if(and(C3>=A1, C3<=B2), “T”, “F))”

This spells out that if the value (pretend that the value is a cross section grade for a road) is between 1.5% and 3.5%, then the result on the cell will state ‘T’ for true.  Otherwise, the formula will spring out ‘F’.


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