Time Management

Time is everyone’s business.  Below is a guideline that from a planner I got when I first moved into the Village apartments of Pomona.



  • Write down your goals and the necessary actions to achieve them
  • Prioritize your goals
  • Organize and schedule your activities on the basis of your priorities
  • Use calendars for week, quarter and year to plan and know:
  •      Where you are
  •      Where you are going
  •      How to get there
  •      Who will do what
  •      When do complete goals and actions
  • Set realistic deadlines with intermediate checkpoints
  • Look at and review your goals and actions several times a month
  • Put 80% of your effort into the top 20% of your responsibilities
  • Plan ahead for contingencies
  • Say “no” to unreasonable requests
  • Use clear communication, and practice active listening to be sure that you understand what another person says
  • Be ruthless with time and gracious with people
  • If in a leadership position, recruit other students and delegate responsibilities
  • Keep track of how you are spending your time
  • Make the most of your peak-energy periods
  • Use time-saving techniques
  • Use filing systems
  • Develop routines
  • What not to do:
  •      Low-priority items or items of little consequence
  •      Anything that you can delegate to someone else
  •      Anything that creates unnecessary work


  • Schedule all fixed blocks of time first such as classes, tutoring and work
  • Plan for essential daily activities and include sleeping, eating, food preparation, physical activity and time for deep relaxation
  • Plan study time.  Allow two to three hours per classroom hour.  Schedule study time in 15-30 minute segments
  • Enter time throughout the week for recreation and physical exercise using the following guidelines:
  1. three to seven cardiovascular/aerobic exercise sessions per week lasting 20-60 minutes each
  2. two to three strength/weight training sessions per week
  3. 30 minutes daily for total relaxation, fun and hobbies
  4. Allow for errands like laundry, paying bills and shopping
  5. Plan time with friends and family


It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. -Robin Dufel (former manager)

Time is just too hard to manage.  Instead, manage your energy! -Dave Burris (FBI agent I met in Orlando, FL for a leadership event for the Society of Hispanics in Professional Engineering)

The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists. -Liz Calderon (mentor for ASCE LA Section YMF Newsletter Editing)

Know your role and roll with it! -Christina Mena (awesome co-worker at J&C Underground).

Es bonito vivir y recordar que recordar y no vivir. -Mi tio Crisantos Rodriguez


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